Naperville breweries support dry January participants

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“If you embark on this challenge and you happen to have a drink, don’t feel like it’s the end of the world,” said president of Go Brewing Joe Chura. “You can easily just keep going, wake up the next day, and restart the challenge.”

The Dry January challenge is soon coming to a close, as Naperville’s Noon Whistle Brewing and Go Brewing are both playing their part to help locals finish off strong.

Hopping into Dry January

Noon Whistle Brewing, located at 1748 W. Jefferson Ave., recently debuted its newest drink: Hop Water, which contains no alcohol. 

“All La Croix drinkers, liquid death drinkers, all those people that are looking for that carbonation in water should give it a try,” said Noon Whistle brewmaster Paul Kreiner. “The hop water we’ve been doing for about six months or so, just kind of perfecting it, making sure that it’s the right product to go to the market. We finally released it for dry January, which is perfect timing.”

Along with Hop Water, Noon Whistle offers yoga classes and trivia for those looking for a way to get social at the brewery without booze. 

“We always have events that aren’t alcohol-related,” said Kreiner. “Just kind of offering different occasions for people that don’t necessarily need a drink just to come into the brewery.”

“Remember Tomorrow”

Only minutes away from Noon Whistle, Go Brewing, located at 1665 Quincy Ave. Suite #155 has brewed and served non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beer in Naperville since Oct. 2022. But the brewery doesn’t just offer drinks during Dry January.

“We have a lot of fitness and wellness events,” said Chura. “We’re doing a cold plunge outside. And then we have live music and we have storytelling and all kinds of events.”

With a little under two weeks left in the month, Chura hopes anyone taking part in Dry January can wrap up the challenge on a high note.

“If you’re on this challenge and it gets really tough and you want to drink, remember tomorrow,” said Chura. “Think about how you are going to feel the next day and just get through it. Take it every day at a time, one step at a time, and I think you will have a great month. 

Naperville News 17’s Will Payne reports.

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