Naperville Celebrates Constitution Week 2021

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Constitution Week starts this Friday, and the Daughters of the American Revolution are celebrating with public displays at each Naperville Public Library location.

Constitution Week Celebrations

The week commemorates the signing of the United States Constitution in 1787. The Daughters of the American Revolution are taking this opportunity to educate kids about the rights the document ensures.

“We practice these freedoms every day, so the Constitution is a living document that affects all people in America every day,” Wrenne Jakubiak with the Daughters of the American Revolution said.

Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico met with the group at Nichols Library Wednesday and made a proclamation of the week for Naperville.

“To be able to have somebody who is focused on this one document, and to work so hard to educate the children, to educate the public on a document that has been so important to our country, for them to really focus on that and spend time on that, just makes our city a better place,” Chirico said.

The group will also celebrate with a bell ringing at Naper Elementary School September 17 at 3 p.m., as the Constitution was signed around 4 p.m. eastern time that day over 230 years ago.


President Dwight D. Eisenhower established Constitution Week in 1956, one year after the Daughters of the American Revolution petitioned for the week to be nationally recognized.

This year’s display keeps up a tradition from DAR member Bettye Wehrli, who would make Constitution Week displays for all three libraries each year. Wehrli died this June. The Naperville Public Library created its own display in Wehrli’s memory at Nichols Library.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Flanagan reports.

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