Naperville Central and North’s 2019 Graduation Ceremony

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About four years ago these students walked through their high school doors for the first time. Now, they’re embarking on their final walk as students, and leave as graduates of Naperville Central and Naperville North.

Graduation is a time to remember, and look forward to life’s future adventures.

Naperville North Graduation

“The last four years has taught us that we will always land right side up no matter what we have to go through to get there,” said Kayla Griesbach a student speaker at Naperville North. “Class of 2019, are you ready to walk away from Naperville North High School to begin the rest of your journey?”

For Naperville North’s principal, Stephanie Posey, she began her journey as a Huskie with the class of 2019 four years ago.

“I’ve been honored to share each day with you. Whether in celebration and laughter, or sorrow. Knowing that the resilience and strength of the class of 2019 will always prevail in any situation,” said Posey.

Naperville Central Graduation

Over at Naperville Central, Principal William Wiesbrook reflected on how the graduating Redhawks have developed into young men and women ready to take on life’s obstacles.

“Class of 2019 you’ve done some impressive things during your time on this campus you’ve finished strong,” said Wiesbrook. “Just like when you arrived as freshman when I knew you were capable of doing great things. I know you’re capable of leaving Naperville Central and doing even greater things.”

Students walked across the stage, with the cheers from the crowd, and came away smiling with their diplomas in hand.

“We’ve taken all of the test, we’ve participated in all of the extra credit seminars, we’ve done all the homework, and we’ve done all the things they’ve asked from us,” said student speaker William Clark. “Now it’s just time to go and take it, just take your diploma and run. You’ve finally got what you came here for.”

Good Luck to The Class of 2019!

Students turned their tassels from right to left and became alumni of their schools. From everyone here at NCTV17, good luck class of 2019, may your dreams fly as high as your caps.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena and Christian Canizal report.

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