Naperville Central High School teacher awarded the 2024 Horace Mann Award for Teaching Excellence

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Social studies teacher at Naperville Central High School Seth Brady was named a recipient of the 2024 Horace Mann Award for Teaching Excellence on Nov. 2. 

The honor is given annually to five public school educators by the NEA Foundation

Seth Brady awarded the 2024 Horace Mann Award

“I’m just really grateful to receive it and cognizant and aware that I teach in an incredible district with incredible support and incredible colleagues and just a great community [and] great group of students,” said Seth Brady, social studies teacher at Naperville Central High School.

Recipients, like Brady, are chosen by an expert panel for qualities such as their leadership inside and outside of the classroom, demonstration of their expertise, advocacy for their students and profession, and engaging their communities.

Naperville Central High School students make an impact

Brady showcases many of these qualities in his Illinois Global Scholar capstone classes, which have students investigate and research an issue, connect with experts on the field, and then take action to create change. 

“The model is one in which students inherently are leading the way and teachers are there for support to partner with students, to sit down beside students. So it’s absolutely student-driven,” said Brady.

A successful model that has led to change in the community. 

“So there have been five bills now that became laws out of this model and out of Naperville Central. An incredible model that drives that type of learning and engages students in the intrinsic talents and motivations they have to effect change in the world,” said Brady. 

Seth Brady gives thanks

However, Brady was grateful to all those that played a role in his success.

“A huge thank you to the large number of people that were willing to take risks with me, willing to allow me to take risks,” said Brady.

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