Naperville chamber names its Four Under 40 Achievement Awards Honorees

Graphic with photos of all the NACC Four Under 40 honorees
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The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce (NACC) has named its Four Under 40 Achievement Awards Honorees.

Four Under 40 honorees

Each year the NACC chooses four young professionals of note for the awards, with an eye on those who show leadership both in community and business, excellence in career, and life balance.

This year’s honorees are:

  • Leslie Kane, Center for Creative Arts Therapy
  • Atusa Freyer, Naperville Country Club
  • Lauren Bierschenk, Lauren Bierschenk Farmers Insurance Agency
  • Daveyon Bradley, Sundog IT

Gratitude at being chosen for honor

Bierschenk expressed her gratitude at being chosen, and commended the NACC for providing a solid network of peers and mentors.

“As a business owner you sometimes feel like you’re on an island. When I show up to a meeting or a ribbon cutting and see familiar faces and hugs from friends it feels like such a supportive team that you have,” said Bierschenk, in an NACC news release.

Validation for those working to make a difference in their fields

Kane said the recognition was particularly meaningful in light of young professionals often having “imposter syndrome.”

“…It can often feel like, because we haven’t been in the field for 20+ years, that we don’t qualify, aren’t ‘good enough’, and haven’t accomplished enough to be recognized. This Four Under 40 Achievement Award confirms to me that I AM making a difference, and my hard work DOES matter, regardless of age or years of experience,” Kane said.

Bradley echoed some of that sentiment, saying about recognition, “It not only validates the hard work and passion that young leaders bring to their fields but also motivates them to continue pushing boundaries and striving for excellence. When we recognize emerging talent, we are essentially saying, ‘We see you, we value your contributions, and we believe in your potential.’”

Putting passion first

Freyer pointed out the role that passion can play in success.

“When looking to make an impact, first consider what drives you, fuels you, and fulfills you- then find someone who can help connect you with more people who could use this type of passion. There are a number of leaders within our community who would love to rely on someone who has a fierce passion for making a difference, however that looks like to you,” said Freyer.

Four under 40 award ceremony on June 26

The four will be honored at a ceremony at Northern Illinois University’s Naperville Campus on Wednesday, June 26, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. More information about the event is available on the NACC website.

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Image courtesy: Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce