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Naperville City Council Issues Awards and Proclamations

September 8, 2021
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The Naperville City Council gave a shout out Tuesday night to various people and groups for their commitment and contributions to the community.

Senior of the Year 2020

Congratulations are in order for two Napervillians, Lynette Nelson and Ned Bacon. The Naperville Senior Task Force, in partnership with the city of Naperville, issued a pair of awards Tuesday night for Senior of the Year 2020.

Nelson and Bacon took home the honors after being recognized during a reception and an awards presentation both held at the Naperville Municipal Center. The Senior Task Force selected the two because of their contributions and commitment to the community.

About the Winners

Lynette Nelson has a track record of visiting with seniors in their homes, hospitals and nursing homes when they are in need of support. She is also a member of Compass Church where she is actively involved in ministries.

Ned Bacon has worked as a volunteer at Loaves and Fishes for about 5 years, helping with food recovery in a variety of capacities. He is also an active member of Trinity Lutheran Church.

What the Winners Are Saying

Both expressed a sense of appreciation and gratitude for being named Senior of the Year.

“It’s really interesting to be part of this,” Nelson said. “I’m hoping to get involved on another level, maybe driving or visiting people.”

“It’s a very humbling and surprising experience for me,” Bacon said. “It also makes me feel good because I know that there are hundreds of seniors volunteering in our community who also deserve recognition like myself.”

Mayor Steve Chirico capped off the evening by presenting each with a plaque to recognize their contributions and commitment to the community.

Naperville Chamber Recognized

Also at the meeting, city officials took time to recognize the local chamber.

A proclamation issued to the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce designates Sept. 12-18 as Chamber of Commerce Week in the city.

According to its website, the chamber takes pride in adhering to its pillars of excellence by “providing resources, advancing advocacy, engaging the broader community, ensuring stability and growth, as well as building our chamber community.”

KidsMatter Day Recognized

KidsMatter Day also received recognition from the city council.

The city issued a proclamation designating Sept. 17 as KidsMatter Day in the city.

According to its website, KidsMatter Day is a nonprofit organization focused on “community-wide prevention health strategy to combat teenage destructive behaviors.”

Naperville News 17’s Megann Horstead reports.

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