Naperville Jaycees First Lip Sync Battle

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The Naperville Jaycees may be known for hosting the last fling, but they host other events all year round, like their recent Lip Sync Battle; the first ever for the organization.

Eight contestants went head to head, lip-syncing to popular songs and putting on a show for the audience.

“The Jaycees are always trying to do something a little fresh, a little new. There is a show on Spike right now known as ‘Lip Sync Battle.’ It’s celebrities going up against one another with crazy props and huge scene changes and other celebrity cameos. This is a little scaled down version of that,” said Karen Coleman, a Lip Sync Battle Chairperson.

It may have been scaled down, but it was still a competition. Contestants were paired up and after they gave their performances, the audience determined the winner of the round: whoever got the most applause and cheers won.

Not wanting to disappoint, participants came prepared.

“There’s a lot of practice they’ve been doing. I know in particular one person didn’t work so she could literally practice from the moment she woke up to the moment she arrived here.”

There were also prize raffles and a reception for the audience to mingle with contestants after the show.

All of the funds raised from the event went to the Naperville Jaycees, who raise and donate over $150,000 a year to local organizations.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.