Naperville Jaycees Great Egg Hunt

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Easter is right around the corner and Naperville Jaycees hosted their Great Egg Hunt at Frontier Sports Complex.

What is the Jaycees Egg Hunt?

“Naperville Jaycees had a committee, head by David Byrne who led this Easter egg hunt extravaganza. So, our members stuffed the 14,000 eggs that were out today, and we laid them out this morning and then helped everyone find out where to go today,” said Lauren Finnegan, Secretary for Naperville Jaycees.

The event is for kids aged 0-8 and they all have the same thing in mind, getting as many eggs as possible.

“So, we break them up by age 0-2, 3-4, 5-6, and then 7-8 and that just allows for all the kids to have an equal opportunity to be able to find eggs that they are looking for,” stated Finnegan.


“So, we’ve been working on this for probably 2-3 months starting with just the initial planning process, said Finnegan. Then we work through the actual logistics of getting the eggs and the candy and the volunteers from the Jaycees and the community to help to get everything put together to actually execute on the day of.”

Despite all the preparations, it only takes the kids about a minute to collect all of the eggs.

“It’s a long-standing tradition in Naperville. It’s been going on for decades so after a two-year hiatus from the last few years, we are excited to be back and at it for this year.”

Naperville News 17’s Anthony Yench Reports

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