Naperville Joins Women’s March

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Many Napervillians donned their pink hats over the weekend for the Women’s March in Chicago.

Joining the rally for women’s rights was the local social media group Naper Gals, which has over 800 members to date.

“We always try to have something actionable as well,” said Holly Hootman, an admin for Naper Gals. “So whether it’s write to your congressman, we always try to have something that the ladies can do and take with them as far as knowledge. We really wrap our arms around all the grassroots groups that are throughout Naperville. We welcome all the groups to put their events in our group.”

To get excited and prepare for the January 20 Women’s March, the ladies hosted a sign making party to prepare to protest.

“They range from tame to edgy- the signs do, depending on who’s making them,” said Stephanie Ryan, an admin for Naper Gals.

Those signs were on hand for the morning of the march, when the gals were excited to head downtown to rally.

“It will be very busy but we need to make our voice heard so do what you got to do,” added Ryan.

Naper Gals joined 300,000 others in Chicago for the Women’s March, with the theme “March to the Polls,” a message the League of Women Voters in Naperville are very much behind.

“We’ve had a lot more women step up, a lot more women that are more wanting to get engaged,” said Annette Smith, Voter Service Chair of the League of Women Voters in Naperville. “Other leagues as well as ours have tried to reach out to those people trying to get more women to run for office, host some workshops for how to run for office…targeting women’s issues which we’ve always done.”

Marching in the streets and to the polls making their voices heard.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.