Naperville Kids Create Solution to Sleeping in Outer Space

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Legos, space equipment, and fuzzy pies? This unusual combination could lead to some out-of-this-world sleep.

What is Fuzzy Pi?

The group of sixth graders, known as Fuzzy Pi, was inspired after they heard about astronaut Scott Kelly’s sleeping struggles.

“There’s no sensation of gravity in space, so you can’t feel like you’re sleeping on earth. You don’t have any sense of direction so you can’t be on a bed. So they sleep in a sleeping bad in space,” explained Fuzzy Pi Team Member, Finn.

According to Fuzzy Pi, 75% of astronauts have to take sleeping pills that can have harmful side effects. But the group has a more natural solution- Hepatic pajamas that monitor an astronaut’s sleeping schedule.

“You can feel pressure, you can feel a bunch of things with them. Different textures sometimes, so we can use that to simulate lying on a bed,” said Finn.

Fuzzy Pi’s Upcoming Robotics Competition

The group’s research along with their robotics skills, have earned them an initiation to Sydney Australia, where they’ll compete at the first Lego League Asia Pacific Open Championship in July.

Until the competition, Fuzzy Pi will be building their robot and programing it to move around a table, while completing missions along the way.

“We all work together to combine all of our ideas into one idea so that we can get it done in the least amount of time,” said Allie, another team member.

The competition allows robotics teams four chances for a successful run. Fuzzy Pi will be judge on how well they work together, and their presentation of their hepatic pajama idea.

More Than Just a Competition

Sean, Allie’s twin, said the stem centric project has provided some real-life lessons.

“It helps a lot with group work in school. And it helps just collaborate better with people around you” said Sean.

“If you’re in a problem like programming or building you can’t just stop and give up. You have to keep going,” added Allie.

And Fuzzy Pi hopes to go all the way the on July 4, and bring some more hardware back home.

And Fuzzy Pi has set up a GoFundMe to help get them to Australia.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.

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