Naperville Park District Family Campout

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Family Campout

The Naperville Park District had a Family Campout yesterday at Knoch Knolls Park.

“The Family Campout is just that. It’s families who come to the park, this is a special occasion,” said Naperville Park District interpretive naturalist Barb Vrchota. “Families will go on a night hike that I will lead and there’s a fire. We have a fire pit going.”

There’s activities including setting up the tent, going on a hike, and eating s’mores. Some kids who went camping had some favorites.

“So my favorite part would have to be eating s’mores first of all. Setting up the tent, sleeping in there.”

When asked about what looks most interesting, Miles said “sleeping.”

A Fun Activity

The park district hopes Family Campout is a fun activity for families.

“I think it’s just a nice way to unwind and to experience camping for the first time. Lots of small children are here with their families,” said Vrchota. “I hope that they go home making friends, experiencing the outdoors together, and just to have a good time. That’s what we’re here for.”

“So we’ve always camped since we were little. So with Miles now, he’s never been on a camping trip,” said Jamie Sabado. “So I wanted him to experience the same thing that I did as a kid.”

The next Naperville Park District Family Campout will be held at Seager Park on June 19.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.