Naperville Park District Hosts Wonderful World of Wheels

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The Naperville Park District started the week off rolling into its 24th annual Wonderful World of Wheels event. This was the first year it took place in the Fort Hill Activity Center parking lot.

What is Wonderful World of Wheels?

“This is one of our special events that is specifically targeted for the early childhood age range,” said Naperville Park District Program Manager Dave Naydenoff. “It’s an opportunity for kids and families to come out and see a lot of their community vehicles. They can honk the horns as you can here, they can crawl around and have some fun,” said Naydenoff.

The long-time event offers a way for families to connect with those serving the community, having fun in the process.

“This is an event that’s taken place annually for over twenty years and it was just a creative way to be able to let families know that they can come out and see some of the community vehicles and vehicles and vehicles from our sponsors,” said Naperville Park District Executive Director Brad Wilson.

What Vehicles are Involved?

Vehicles of all types were on display at the event.

“We have a lot of emergency vehicles with our Naperville Park District police as well as Naperville Fire Department. We have a school bus from Naperville School District 203 that’s here, and then we also have our city partners at public works as well as park district maintenance vehicles here as well as some tree service vehicles,” said Wilson.

The free two-hour event was presented by Woody Buick GMC, and made possible through the support of a number of sponsors, as well as the community agencies bringing their vehicles.

“The big takeaway that we hope for is that they’re exposed to the community helpers and the vehicles that are in their own community,” said Naydenoff.

Naperville News 17 Patrick Codo Reports