Naperville Park District’s Flashlight Egg Hunt

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The Naperville Park District hosted its Flashlight Egg Hunt at Knoch Knolls Park on Thursday night. The event takes place every year during the week before Easter.

What is the Flashlight Egg Hunt?

“We have our annual flashlight egg hunt. It’s been going on for 15 plus years, I’ve been associated with it for 12, that’s how long I’ve been here at the park district. It’s just a fun event for kids aged nine to 13,” said Fred Gusel, program manager for the Naperville Park District. “We just have a really good time. It’s one of those events for kids that are kind of in that tween age and you know it’s just something that they enjoy.”

Kids need to move quickly to score their eggs.

“It’s fast, so it’s fast and furious like all egg hunts are. So, we have about, we have two sessions. Initially, it used to be one big session, 160 kids, we get them out there, we all go at the same time. But you know because of COVID, we canceled two years ago. Last year we brought it back, but we had some restrictions,” Gusel explained.

This year the 160 kids that registered were split up into two groups of 80 each.

What are the rules?

“We have approximately 3,500 eggs for the entire event. 1,700 of them have redeemable prizes in them, and so the kids will run out, collect 20 eggs, that’s their maximum. When they get their 20 eggs they come back, they open up their prizes, and they come up here. They will then do a redemption form, go inside, hand it to a volunteer who will collect their prizes and then they get to go home,” said Gusel.

Prizes won included small toys, candy, main event passes, and coupons for local restaurants.

Candy Guessing Game

And there was one more form of fun, through a special guessing game.

“We have a candy guess behind me, so they can guess whatever they think is in the jar and then the top two winners of each candy will get a call tomorrow morning saying that they won their whatever prize they were closest to, without going over.”

Naperville News 17’s Anthony Yench Reports

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