Naperville Police Chief Responds to Death of Teen

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At the latest City Council meeting, Police Chief Bob Marshall made a public statement responding to the death of 16 year-old Corey Walgren, who took his own life on January 11 after being questioned by a Naperville Police Officer about possible pornographic images on his phone.

Chief Marshall says the actions of school resource officer Brett Heun were publicly mischaracterized, but that details cannot be released.

“Given this investigation involves minors, the Police Department cannot disclose certain details of the investigation or materials that would identify or jeopardize the minors involved,” he said.

Instead Marshall asked for patience as the legal process is underway and for parents and students to take the issues at hand seriously.

“Just like you talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol, please also talk to them about how inappropriate use of technology and social media could have a serious and lasting impact,” Marshall added.

The lawsuit also names District 203 and Deans James Konrad and Stephen Madden as defendants.

Also at the meeting was a request for financial help from Naperville Elderly Homes to construct an addition to the Martin Avenue Apartments, which provide housing to low-income seniors.

Dave Weeks, the President of Naperville Elderly Homes, a non-for-profit, requested relief for impact fees ranging from around $75,000-$100,000 that would be endured during construction.

“For every additional $100,000 or $100,000 we save, that’s the difference between renting 1.5 units at 30% AMI or $400 rent or having to find someone at 60% AMI or $750 a month,” Weeks explained.

The new addition would hold 68 units, and cost  $16 million as a whole. Mayor Steve Chirico says he’ll advocate for the ask and support their cause.

“I will absolutely work toward that goal because I think it is a worthy goal and one that is providing a great opportunity for our city,” said Chirico.

Currently the waiting list for an apartment at Martin Avenue is two to three years long.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.