Naperville Public Library Launches New Logo

Naperville Public Library Launches New Logo
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The Naperville Public Library has a new logo, just in time for National Library Week.

The library is turning a page in its history with a revised logo, sporting purple, green and orange banners. The trio of colors is meant to be reflective of the library’s warm, inviting nature. And each color has its own symbolism: purple, for wisdom and imagination; green, for stability and harmony; and orange, for creativity and enthusiasm.

Special “N”od In New Look

The banners themselves have a look which resembles the letter “N,” as a nod to both Naperville, as well as the three library locations: Nichols, Naper Boulevard and Ninety-Fifth Street. The banners are wrapped around an invisible column in a motif reflecting a “staircase of knowledge.” And fittingly enough, the banners can also be woven into the form of a book.

The Designers

library new branding

New look for NPL: photo courtesy Naperville Public Library

The new design is the brainchild of Virginia-based marketing agency Joy Riot. The group drew its inspiration for the logo from 3D paper art. They strove for something simple that would be reflective of research from more than 600 stakeholders.

“Our rebranding project set out to be more than just an updated logo,” said Naperville Public Library Executive Director Dave Della Terza in a press release. “We hoped to refresh the entire look and feel of Naperville Public Library’s marketing to better engage our current customers and encourage non-users to explore our services.”

Week Of Celebration

Fun planned all week long: photo courtesy Naperville Public Library

The library is celebrating its new look all week, inviting members to come in and swap out their old cards for ones with the fresh new imaging. There will also be special giveaways and contests.

“We believe Joy Riot summarized it best in saying, ‘Naperville Public Library is more than a traditional community library. It is a safe haven where curiosity is encouraged, tough questions are explored, and innovation leads to endless opportunities,’” said Della Terza. “We know our new branding will help convey this idea to the Naperville community and will continue to set our five-star library apart in the years ahead.”

Naperville News 17’s Kim Pirc reports.

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photos courtesy: Naperville Public Library