Naperville Public Library Offering Curbside Pick-up

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Naperville residents can get ready for a reading refresh, as the Naperville Public Library is preparing to roll out a curbside pickup service.

“Right now we’re trying to figure out what it would look like, but it would be people would place things on hold like they normally would, and those holds would be available for pick up. So, they would use our hold system and then we would figure out a way to get those materials to them,” said Dave Della Terza, Executive Director of the Naperville Public Library.

The program is set to launch on May 11. Library staff working curbside will be wearing personal protective equipment like gloves and masks to stay safe.

Drop-off During Stay-at-Home

Drop-offs have continued throughout the stay-at-home order, and are handled with special care. As items are returned, they go into quarantine for three days, the maximum recommended amount to ensure no trace of coronavirus remains, before being put back into circulation.

And though the library building itself is closed through May 31, many of its services can be enjoyed online.

“We have all of our online collections which we’ve been trying to promote more and more over the past few years, I think it’s been great that we’ve been promoting them more because now out customers know about them and are trying to use them. So we’ve got e-books, audio books, movies, music, all that stuff available online. We’ve started doing programming online, so we’re really trying to make sure that even though our physical buildings aren’t open, that we’re still trying to provide service to the community, said Della Terza.

Reading to Relax

Online story-time, craft activities and tutorials are all offered on social media and the library’s website, and will continue as long as the stay-at-home order is in place.

Whether online or in print, reading can be a welcome escape during these challenging times.

“I think a lot of people are missing those physical books and being to read and being able to transport themselves somewhere else, and I think right now we really need that. When you’re stuck at home you want to transport yourself somewhere else for a little bit. So I think reading does that in a way that maybe other things don’t.” Della Terza said.

For more information about the curbside pickup program, check out the library’s website.

Naperville news 17’s Ryan Skryd reports.

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