Naperville Resident Publishes His First Book: “From Jackass to Joy”

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From Jackass to Joy. That’s the name of a newly published book by longtime Naperville resident and businessman Nick Ryan. On Tuesday night, Ryan appeared at a book signing at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville to promote his memoir, which is filled with life lessons.

“We have an amazing story with our family, five blended kids and a total complete relationship with our exes. And no disharmony anywhere. And I haven’t seen that too many places, and I thought we could share some of what we learned in our growth. So other people could have the same thing,” said Ryan.

About the Book

The story begins when Ryan was 19, getting married for the first time. He says he made just about every mistake a husband could make.

“Well, that’s sort of it. I was a young person, basically a jackass, immature, didn’t know what that guy was doing in a relationship. And over time, I think I’ve matured out and figured out a lot of the answers: not all and then ultimately have a life filled with joy,” said Ryan.

Ryan’s first marriage failed but he went on to find love again, remarrying and gaining insight through the years, which he hopes will help others.

“I think it’ll help younger people maybe not get married so quickly and look at it more deeply before they make the plunge. And people that are struggling, maybe will give them a reason to work a little harder to fix it,” said Ryan.

A Successful Life

Ryan is happy to have found success both in his personal and professional lives. He’s the CEO of Marquette Companies and the developer behind Water Street in Downtown Naperville. His new title as author is one he’s proud to add, getting the chance to make a difference.

“I wrote the book because I feel like men, especially. Need to have maybe insights into how relationships work, stages of relationship, how to take accountability for your own stuff. And if you can have a blended family like mine, especially all work together, it’s an amazing thing,” said Ryan.

Naperville News 17’s Anthony Yench reports.

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