Naperville Residents Chat with the Chief

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Chat with the Chief

Naperville residents met on Wednesday night for an informal “Chat with the Chief” at Starbucks on 1979 McDowell Road. They were encouraged to bring their to discuss face to face with Chief of Police Jason Arres and other members of the Naperville Police Department (NPD), over a free cup of coffee.

Many of the issues raised by residents centered around traffic-related matters like excessive speed and loud vehicles around their neighborhoods. The personal perspectives were welcomed by the NPD.

Learn New Concerns

“It really helps us, you know we set priorities based on the feedback we get from the community, but sometimes at these we’ll find out something we’re not even aware of, that may be going on specific to neighborhoods,” said Chief of Police Jason Arres. “You know tonight we’re on the northwest side of town, so we may find out about something going on up here that we otherwise wouldn’t have known about and we can help that community member solve their issue.”

This was Arres’ first Chat with the Chief session since taking over the department in October of 2021.


The informal get-together gave residents a chance not just to voice concerns, but also express appreciation to the men and women behind the badge.

“It’s really nice to personally talk to someone you do appreciate and you can tell them in person that you appreciate it. That’s a part of thing that I enjoyed about tonight, too,” said Naperville resident Lee Quillinan.

Future Events

The chats are traditionally held several times a year. More information on future events can be found on the NPD website.

Naperville News 17’s Roy Kellerman Jr. reports.

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