Naperville Treks Its Way Into Top 75 For Best Hiking And Running Cities

Naperville Treks Its Way Into Top 75 For Best Hiking And Running Cities
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Naperville has trekked its way into a spot among the top 75 best cities in the country for hiking and running. The rankings were put together by two different online lawn service finders: Lawn Love and LawnStarter.

Best Cities for Runners

Lawn Love made its list of Best Cities for Runners to commemorate Global Running Day on June 1. In it, Naperville comes in 61st.

Factors taken into account in the ranking included access to parks and trails, the difficulty level of the trails, climate, and safety. Naperville got its highest markings for gym affordability and safety.

The top city in that list was San Francisco, California, with more than 180 cities considered in the running.

Best Cities for Hiking

LawnStarter put together its list of Best Cities for Hiking to commemorate National Trails Day, which falls on June 4. In that ranking, Naperville falls at number 72.

The listing took into account 13 different factors, which included hiking access, the quality of the trails, and safety. This time around Naperville got its highest numbers for safety yet again, as well as hiking quality.

Portland, Oregon took top ranking. 200 cities were considered in the listing. Naperville was the only Illinois city to crack the top 75. But Chicago zipped into the lead ahead of Naperville for best running cities, landing at number 26.

National Trails Day – Cleanup Drive

And speaking of National Trails Day, this Saturday, June 4, will be its 30th anniversary. Because of that, the Forest Preserve District of Will County is doing a little celebrating of its own, inviting the public to take part in a trash cleanup drive.

There are three ways to take part. First, you can walk on any trail from sunrise to sunset, picking up trash as you go. Second, you can specifically pick a forest preserve trail to clear trash from. Or third, you can register for one of five official cleanup sites, including Lake Renwick Heron Rookery in Plainfield and Isle a la Cache in Romeoville. For that option, buckets, grabbers and vests will be provided. Times, a full list of sites, and registration information is available online through the Forest Preserve District of Will County.

Naperville News 17’s Kim Pirc reports.

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