Naperville Woman’s Club 63rd annual Fine Arts and Artisan Fair

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The Naperville Woman’s Club hosted its 63rd annual Fine Arts and Artisan Fair this weekend. More than 100 artists came out to Naper Settlement to showcase and sell their pieces. 

Types of artwork on display 

“It’s artists exhibiting their works. From painting, ceramics, wood sculpture, getting a lot of mixed media now, ceramics, glass, that category that we call the 3D category has grown quite a bit. So they will be displaying their works and selling them here,” said Susan Stockton, event chair. 

In addition to that, there were also family-friendly activities that all revolve around promoting art, including live performances. 

The interactive mural

Every year the Woman’s Club picks an artist’s piece for community members to recreate. 

“This year it’s Chase the Dream by Gregory Frederick. And what we do is we have a background of wood and then we cut eight-inch squares, I think 216 of them. And then people get to recreate that on a white blank square. Then they staple it to the mural and fill the whole mural up here,” said Stockton. 

Appreciate the art 

The Fine Arts and Artisan Fair is an event that started in the 1960s and it continues to evolve each year. 

“Our first art fair was in a Naperville Park and the artists put their artwork on benches or hung them from clotheslines. So, I mean, we’ve really grown and I just would like the community to appreciate the art and everything that goes into the drawings and the artwork and everything here,” said Stockton.

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