Naperville’s Ben and Jerry’s Host First Free Cone Day

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Every year since 1979, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream has hosted their Free Cone Day, with this year’s celebration falling on April 3rd. The Naperville location opened up in August of 2021 and this is the first time the Water Street store will let customers try out a scoop of their flavors for free. 

“Free cone day has been a Ben and Jerry’s tradition of giving back to their customers and their fans, and we’re here to bring that to Naperville,” said Ben and Jerry’s manager Gabby Serna. 

Many flavors to choose from

Besides the classic fan-favorites like chocolate and vanilla ice cream, customers can dig in on different flavors. 

“We have about 12 flavors that you can pick from. We have our traditional Cherry Garcia, our chocolate fudge brownie, our very popular cookie dough that Ben and Jerry’s invented, and we also have some non-dairy, vegan options as well,” said Serna 

“We have cake cones, we have sugar cones, or you can upgrade to a waffle cone with a two dollar donation that goes directly to the Naperville Fire Department’s not for profit organization,” said Ben Jerry’s Owner Tom O’Toole. 

More than just Ice Cream

There are also prizes being raffled off along with a visit from the Kane County Cougars, and members from the Naperville Fire Department behind the counter scooping up ice cream into a cup or cone. For those who donate during their visit, the money goes toward the Fire Departments non-profit organization, Naperville Professional Firefighters for a Cause. 

Serna and the rest of the staff are excited for the first ever free cone day at the Naperville location and hope to see customers continue to come back as the weather begins to heat up. 

“I look forward to Free Cone Day and I look forward to seeing everyone here in the community be a part of an amazing day for us, and we hope to see you guys all day today and in the future,” said Serna. 

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