Naperville’s Dr. Laura Bokar Talks New Book At Anderson’s Bookshop

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Dr. Laura Bokar has made it her mission to help others, by providing counsel to those looking to improve their relationships. It’s summed up neatly in the introduction of her new book, “We Need to Talk: 24 Simple Insights for Relationships.”

“I have a passion for learning, growing, and helping people create healthy relationships. I also am a believer in the ability to craft the relationship you want to have with someone. Most importantly, the attitude of hope is the foundation I have built into my couples counseling.”

A large Crowd Gathered At Anderson’s

Anderson’s Bookshop hosted a book signing for Dr. Bokar on Monday night. The therapist and CEO of the Fox Valley Institute spoke about her journey writing the book, then answered some questions from the crowd of over 60 people. After that, the audience had the opportunity to meet and speak with Dr. Bokar one-on-one.

“There’s nothing we love more than promoting local anything so whether that’s cross-promotional with some of our neighbors who are also small local businesses or promoting our local authors, it’s what we look for really,” said Anderson’s Bookstore Marketing Manager Carrie Clement.

Dr. Bokar’s Vision To Shape The Future

Dr. Bokar shared that at age 15, she found out her father was leaving the family. Devasted and angry, she knew she could not change the past, but possibly could help others in the future.

“I wanted to find a way to help others heal their injured relationships so they did not have to deal with what I had to,” said Bokar.

Dr. Bokar became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and received her Doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision. With over thirty years of practice, she felt she had some solid lessons to share within a book.

Dr. Bokar also has a strong commitment to the community, serving as president of the board of KidsMatter and holding a role on the executive board of Loaves and Fishes.

Small Keys To A Succesful Relationship

Although Dr. Bokar says that communication is the most important factor in a relationship, she says it’s best not to say the four dreaded words “we need to talk.” Instead, it’s best to be specific about what you want to talk about.

Naperville News 17’s Joe Kennedy reports.

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