Naperville’s Earth Day Fair

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The Naperville Park District hosted its annual Earth Day Fair at the Fort Hill activity center.

What is the fair?

“You are at our Earth Day Fair. We hold it annually. We’ve only missed having one during the pandemic in 2020. So, we’re at the Fort Hill Activity Center and we invited a bunch of different environmental organizations and companies that have sustainable practices,” said Angelique Harshman, the event organizer.” So, you can find out all about them and it’s a kind of a rainy day outside. So, it’s a great day to come and see and talk to experts and get some advice on how to be green.”

Along with learning about Earth Day, there were also activities for kids to get involved in.

“Lots of different activities. I think there’s rock painting is one of the activities. At our Knoch Knolls Nature Center, I’m actually the manager there. We are promoting citizen science activities that families can do and school groups can do where you get data that you actually share with scientists that are making, you know, real world decisions out there,” said Harshman.

Making a difference

“We’ve got people here that are showing the difference between different types of light bulbs, led, actually get some free led light bulbs. They use a lot less energy. There are other activities here for kids, games, all sorts of stuff,” said Harshman.

Earth Day is something that everyone can easily get involved.

“You may think as an individual that you can’t make any difference, but you really can, you know, by the choices that you make by the companies that you support, by the things that you buy or don’t buy.”

Naperville News 17’s Anthony Yench reports.

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