Naperville’s FUN Club has a new home at Little Friends

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An area club committed to providing social opportunities to young adults with disabilities and special needs has never had a home, until now. Little Friends opened its arms, giving Naperville’s FUN Club a permanent place to meet year-round.

Naperville’s FUN Club has a home at Little Friends

“I have to give Bowlero kudos because we’d go there on Monday nights and it’d be just us in the whole bowling alley,” said Pat Adamatis, FUN Club Founder. “But, not everybody likes to bowl. This facility is unbelievable, and there’s just such a need for a gathering place for these young adults to be.”

FUN Club has been in Naperville for over eight years and is all about social opportunities for those who’ve finished high school or transition programs. It helps move them forward into adulthood by using relationships with peer buddies through activities and outings.

The group is moving its once-a-month meetings to the new Little Friends Adult Day Services facility at 27545 Diehl Road in Warrenville.

An open house was held on Mon, Feb. 13 and club members experienced the building for the first time. 

“I love FUN Club and the people, they’re all my friends,” said Alex Norquist, FUN Club member. “This (tonight) has been so much fun.”

Little Friends gives resources and opportunities

The Dan Casey Activity Center sits in the heart of the facility, providing many games and activities for everyone. But there will still be regular offsite trips for the club each month.

“We’ve got this facility, we’ve got the space, we’ve got some funding to help her with transportation and going to outings that are unique and fun,” said  Little Friends Board of Directors Vice Chairman, Ray Kinney.

Some of those outings include fashion shows, trolley karaoke, walking in parades, sports games, and more. But what truly makes FUN Club “fun” is simply meeting new friends and having a space to reconnect at least once a month.

Pat Adamatis – The heart and soul of Naperville’s FUN Club

“Pat (Adamatis) knows this community more than anybody, and people love her,” said Kinney. “She puts on these FUN Club events where this community comes together. It gives their parents a moment of respite a little bit because their loved ones are having a great time with their peers.”

Adamatis, a Naperville Central graduate, has dedicated her entire life to those with special needs. After 37 years as a Physical Education teacher, she joined the Little Friends Board of Directors.

“One of the kids made up our logo, which is ‘If it’s not fun, it’s not FUN Club,” said Adamatis. “So that’s on our shirts and giving the young adults choices and they get to be leaders and they get to help when the younger kids start coming in. It’s just building a community, and that’s what the world’s about.”

For more information on FUN Club, reach out to Pat Adamatis at

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