Naperville’s High Oaks neighborhood celebrates 35th anniversary

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This past weekend, Naperville’s High Oaks neighborhood residents came together to celebrate the subdivision’s 35th anniversary.

High Oaks neighborhood celebrates 35 years of community and unity

“Everybody looks out for each other, and they’re just very friendly. They help. We had like ten people here helping in the rain this morning, put up our tent, and, you know, they’re just great people,” said High Oaks Social Committee Chairman and resident Joyce Shelton.

The event featured an array of entertainment, from robots constructed by Naperville students to a close-up look at reptiles. The celebration also included a bike parade with customized decorations by kids.

“We try and branch out and bring many different things to the community that interest different people. A lot of the kids have a lot of different interests, and we want to make sure that everybody’s represented and enjoys the neighborhood,” said President of the High Oaks Homeowners Association and resident Mary Ann Huss.

From horse farm to home

The neighborhood, located just southeast at the intersection of Wehrli Road and 75th Street, is known for its many high oak trees. It saw its first house built in 1988. Before that, it was a horse farm, hence the streets are all named after horses. High Oaks resident Joyce Shelton has witnessed the neighborhood’s transformation throughout the years, having been a resident since the subdivision’s start.

“We were the second people to move into High Oaks. There was only one other resident when we moved in. So if you can look around and see all the trees behind me and everything, they weren’t here,” said Shelton.

The neighborhood now boasts 85 homes and, has a welcoming committee, active grounds committee, a book club, and holds social events year-round, creating what many call a perfect spot to raise a family and be part of a community.

High Oaks seen as diverse and welcoming community in Naperville

“We’re a very diverse community here in High Oaks. As you can see, we’ve got a lot of different ethnic backgrounds, religious backgrounds, but we all get together and blend very well as a neighborhood,” said Huss.

Residents also say the location is ideal.

“Our neighborhood is located, you know, close to the highway, close to shopping downtown Naperville. Like I said before, the schools are close, and it’s a great school district. So we’re very proud of the fact that you know, we have a community, actually a subdivision that people really want to come in and move into,” said Huss.

Naperville’s High Oaks celebrates the neighborhood’s anniversary every five years, but the families of the tight-knit community come together more frequently.

“It’s just a really nice blend of different backgrounds and people that truly are committed to Naperville and want it to be a great city,” said Huss.

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