Naperville’s Nokia Rezoning Request Approved

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Nokia Rezoning Request Approved

At the latest Planning and Zoning Commission meeting the group voted 6-0 in favor of Nokia’s  request to subdivide its entire 175-acre campus, and to rezone a part of it.

Nokia’s Land Use Plan

A map of Nokia’s request shows the site divided into three main lots, with Lot 1 being an electrical sub-station. The company plans on selling their campus to a future developer, and then leasing back office space at the 2000 Lucent Lane building for its employees.

“Nokia has looked at transforming the front building into a multi-tenant office building, and selling that building to a future developer,” said representative for Nokia Tom Gorman. “The same developer would look at transforming the back land site into a residential parcel.”

Lot 4, which is roughly 70 acres, was approved for an R2 designation. That would allow for residential homes to be built there.

Community Members Concerns

But, community members from the Fairmeadow neighborhood fear more houses in the area could cause even more flooding that exists in the wetland area.

“I lived on this property for 18 years,” said Jen Banowetz, a board member for the Fairmeadow Neighborhood Association. “Our basement of course like everyone elses floods. We have four sump-pumps, but we still love the neighborhood. The best land use of this property, in my opinion, is to keep it a wetland.”

Some community members suggested that Nokia donate the land to the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County.

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County Concerns

The forest preserve voiced its concerns through a letter, which was read by the commission, about the potential impact stormwater can have on the area as a result of new residential housing.

“Though stormwater basins are routinely incorporated into design plans, they have the potential to damage ecosystems when heavy rain events send invasive plants, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and chemical runoff from the pavement into the neighboring wetlands,” said Commissioner Brett Fessler.

Reason Why Nokia’s Rezoning Request Was Approved

Commissioners still approved Nokia’s request for several reasons; one being that the variance was passed with a planned unit development clause or a PUD.

“The rezoning helps moves things forward for everyone in a positive manner, but still gives us the ability weigh in on what’s really going to happen,” said Commissioner Andrew Margulies.

The matter will now go to city council for final review.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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