New Sales Tax Possible for Will County

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The District 204 School Board voted in support of a ballot question asking for a one percent county school facilities sales tax at their latest meeting.

Revenues from the tax would be restricted to use for school facilities, but before it can make it to the ballot, it must be approved by enough school districts in Will County to account for its over 130,000-strong student population.

“It would then be certified with the county clerk on August 29, then on election day all the folks of Will County will have a chance to vote whether or not they support it so this is just to put the question on the ballot,” said Jay Strang, chief school business official of District 204.

This tax would apply to all sales that will county already taxes, with the exception of cars, trucks, and ATVs, boats and RVs, mobile homes, unprepared food, drugs, farm equipment.

Strang estimates it could bring in an additional $5.4 million per year for the district – all for use in an area that the district has significant need.

“We could use it to finalize elementary air conditioning, work on deferred maintenance, and work on safety-related projects,” said Strang.

The tax money could not be used for things like operating expenses, salaries, transportation, and instructional materials like computers and textbooks.

If the tax is implemented, all school districts in Will County will benefit, even if they didn’t vote to put it on the ballot.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.