“No Turning Back” at Metea

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Metea Valley High School recently celebrated African American history month.

Their program “No Turning Back” brought artist and storyteller Oba William King to the school.

Through poem and song, King shared stories of celebration of how past historical figures have lead the way for African Americans, a welcomed message to students of Metea.

“What I really love about Metea is they acknowledge the minorities here, so we have a Latino heritage month, as well as a black history month just to bring recognition to black leaders in the community, even in our country as well,” said Isaan Brown, a Senior at Metea Valley High School.

King stressed the importance of becoming “one America” and seeing through the color of people’s skin.

Metea’s jazz band also performed as part of the program.

King is an Illinois Arts Council fellowship award recipient in traditional folk arts.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.