North Central College Class of 2017

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North Central Cardinals have graduated and are ready to spread their wings.

This morning, 694 undergraduates and 117 graduates of North Central College were honored at the 152nd Commencement Ceremony.

Alum, entrepreneur, scientist, and host of the TV show “My Classic Car”, Dennis Gage, gave the commencement speech, in which he focused on idealism and the merits of failure.

“You really shouldn’t fear failure, it’s how you learn. In fact if you’re not failing every now and again you’re probably playing it too safe,” said Gage. “Failure is just a thing that shows you all the ways that things don’t work, on your way to figuring out how they do work. You can’t be afraid to take your shots for fear of missing them.”

Senior speaker David Roznovak spoke on how he felt like a stranger on campus as an immigrant and first-generation student, but how that feeling changed.

“We may have entered as strangers, but we leave as scholars, ready to improve the outside world with our knowledge,” said Roznovak.

The Residence Hall/Recreation Center was filled with proud family members as students walked across the stage to accept their well-earned diplomas.

Congratulations to the North Central College Class of 2017!

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.