Outdoor Fitness Classes with the Naperville Park District

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Even though Centennial Beach’s swimming season has been canceled, there’s still a way to get your heart rate up at the pool.

Outdoor Fitness Classes at Centennial Beach

Looking for outdoor spaces to conduct fitness classes, the Naperville Park District is turning to the sand and grass at Centennial to host workouts.

Kristina: “Centennial Beach was another option where we haven’t run classes out there before and I just got really excited at the thought of it. You’ve got the sand, you’ve got the grassy areas where you can spread out. So we’re really excited about that.”

Why Hold Classes Outside

Kristina McGrath is the fitness manager for the Naperville Park District. Under CDC guidelines, the group cannot hold indoor classes. McGrath and her staff were eager to transition outdoors.

Kristina: “Group exercise instructors are pretty extroverted by nature, that’s kind of part of the job. So they’ve really been missing seeing people face to face.”

What is the Park District Offering?

With offerings like bootcamps and yoga, and even a youth strength and conditioning class, the park district is looking to provide classes for everyone.

And of course, conduct the classes with the goal of minimizing the risk of passing COVID-19.

Kristina: “We’re limiting our class sizes to 9, so it’s 10 people with the instructor. The instructors know everyone is going to be spread out at least six feet – I honestly feel like even more because we have the ability to do so at those locations.”

When will Classes Begin?

Classes at Centennial Beach will begin June 20th, while the current slate of Zoom-hosted fitness classes will continue through the summer.

Reporting for Naperville News 17, I’m Kevin Jackman