Paint The Wall Brings Out Some Of Naperville’s Best Painters

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Paint The Wall

Word of Life Lutheran Church’s inaugural Paint The Wall event brought out some of Naperville’s best painters.

A sunset on an ocean, a bear, and many more masterpieces were painted as community members showed off their artistic skills on a wall. The event was funded by Thrivent’s Action Groups, which provided the church with a grant.

Though amazing paintings were made, the brushes and palates created more than just artwork.

“Some of the kids are over there now, they may not have never met each other,” said Pastor Josh Schoon. “So they get a chance to paint with each other, have fun with each other, and maybe have a connection. Anything a church can do, not just our church but others in the area, to help people connect with another, this wall is a great avenue towards that.”

The event lasted a week and participation was so high that the church added another wall to meet the demand.

The church will display the finished wall art piece inside their building for the public to enjoy.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal Reports.