Park to Shop Supermarket and Food Court Ready to Open

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Park to Shop is a 50,000 square foot Asian supermarket ready to open up in Pacifica Square at the corner of Route 59 and New York Street. But first, they gave a sneak peek of the store to community leaders and public officials.

Filling a Need

Developer Eddie Ni said the supermarket will fill a need for the Asian community.

“There is a huge Asian population in this area and the Park to Shop is the largest Asian supermarket in this area,” he said. “It definitely will draw tremendous traffic to the shopping center.”

Food Court

But they’re also hoping to attract non-Asian customers. A food court off the entrance to the supermarket is a great way to get a taste for new dishes and flavors you might not be familiar with.

Each of the 11 food court vendors had a chance to speak about what they hope to bring to the shopping and dining experience.

“Though my family and I are not able to bring the sights and sounds here, we’d like to share with you the simple yet robust flavors and intoxicating smells of Taiwanese street food,” said Johnny Ma, manager of Night Market Lisa’s Taiwanese Bistro, one of the vendors handing out samples at the event.

Other vendors include noodle bars, a tea shop, and even a salon. Look for Park to Shop’s grand opening ceremony on July 29.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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