Pearl of the Past: First Sister City

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Naperville, Illinois and Nitra, Slovakia may have more in common than one might think, which is why it’s only fitting the two would become sister sisters.

The partnership was officially formalized in November of 1993, though Naperville citizens had been exploring the possibility for four years prior.

Located 90 miles from Vienna, Nitra is a 6,000 year-old city and the fourth largest in Slovakia. Like Naperville, it developed from an agricultural base but has since embraced technical industries. The two cities also enjoy a river walk and nearby arboretum, are said to encourage family-friendly activities, and both value education and have a college.

Since becoming Sister Cities, Mayor Emeritus George Pradel has visited Nitra for the unveiling of a Naperville street sign in their language. Likewise, Naperville has welcomed visiting Nitra citizens on several occasions.