Perfect Weather for Final Day of Ribfest

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The weather for the final day of Ribfest could not have been more different than the first.

While storms forced crowds to evacuate twice on Wednesday and again on Thursday – Saturday was nothing but blue skies and barbeque.

Games and rides amped up the fun for kids at the festival, however it’s clear that biggest draw for many, both young and old, is the namesake of the festival.

“Well, I like the rides and stuff, but I come here for the ribs,” said Ethan Hanna.”

Even though everyone might have a different favorite:

“So far Mogo’s has been our favorite one,” said Plainfield resident Jerry Pena; “Probably the Salt Creek,” said Hanna; “Pigfoot” said Pam Bain, while her husband Roy Bain added “Johnson’s – oh, I taste all of them.”

They all agree that a summer day like today is perfect for a slab of ribs.

“Our first intent is that we wanted some ribs,” said Pena. “And what better time to come out here than Ribfest to get a great mix of ribs.”

Aside from the food, there has also been a great mix of music all week. Pam Bain, who has been coming to Ribfest every year for the past 10 years with her husband Roy, trekked out with her best friend and her 73-year-old mother to see Pitbull on Thursday night.

“I was looking at the social media, the Facebook site, and I knew they were about to let people in,” said Pam Bain. “So I had my mom getting her wheelchair, and my best friend of 40 years, she pushed my mom up to the gate and we got right in.”

On Saturday, music was just about the only thing in the air, as local band “4 Aces and a Queen” rocked Ribfest during the afternoon.

The rock and roll won’t stop today, with Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler set to close the 2018 festival with a bang later tonight.

Reports Naperville News 17’s Peter Medlin.