Pickleball in the Park

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Four new pickleball courts could be coming to the Nike Sports Complex.

At the latest Park District Board meeting, Director of Planning Eric Shutes reported that public demand is high for more pickleball sites.

Pickleball is a racquet sport similar to tennis and badminton. Wooden paddles are used to volley a ball back and forth across a lowered net.

Pickleballers can play singles or doubles, and though the sport is usually played inside, the courts proposed at Nike would be outdoors.

Shutes estimated a cost of $150 thousand dollars to install the courts, which would include fencing and a windscreen, similar to a tennis court.

The report indicated construction could be complete as soon as this Fall.

The recently constructed Fort Hill Activity Center contains six pickleball courts. Park District staff said they are “extremely popular” and frequently booked solid.

The Park District Board directed staff to proceed with the next step – a formal design of the courts.