Pinot’s Palette celebrates 10 years in downtown Naperville

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In December 2023, a painting studio in the heart of downtown Naperville celebrated 10 years in the community.

Bartlett brings Pinot’s to Naperville

Pinot’s Palette first came to town thanks to Pam Bartlett. A lifelong fan of painting, she jumped at the chance to open a studio for the international chain in Naperville.

“I was a painter as a hobby, and used to take a class through College of DuPage,” said Bartlett. “Every Wednesday, I’d just go there and paint, and I found out that there were franchises for paint and sip studios, so (I) never looked back.”

Pinot’s opened as an in-person studio but had to make a shift in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They began offering take-home painting kits, and live virtual painting parties for artists to create from the comfort of their own homes.

Those take-home kits are still offered today, but their in-person classes are once again booming.

Here at Pinot’s Palette, you can paint on a standard canvas or switch it up in their glow-in-the-dark room to see your creations in a new light.

Artists can enjoy a session in either room with a glass of wine and a snack. But the studio doesn’t just offer classes for painters.

“We do have a class where we teach you how to place meat and cheese on a charcuterie board,” said Bartlett. “But we also have a class where you make a charcuterie board, and it has an epoxy in the middle.”

Couples can also drop by to express their creativity.

Aaron and Kate from Warrenville coincidentally were also celebrating their 10th anniversary, making Pinot’s one of their stops.

“I think that it’s really fun and (the employees) are very helpful if you need anything,” said Kate.

“The music, everything just helps set up a relaxing atmosphere to paint and disconnect from everything else,” said Aaron.

Pinot’s rebranding

In the near future, Pinot’s is slated to get a fresh coat of paint.

“We’re getting a new logo, and changing a couple colors up,” said Bartlett. “So it’s going to be nice and fresh looking. (We’ll) still have our paintings and everything the same, but it’ll be a new brand. It’s just something to keep things fresh, and bring people back.”

Bartlett hopes painters like Aaron, Kate, and other aspiring artists in the area can enjoy Pinot’s Palette for years to come.

“It means a lot to me that I was able, with the help of the community and friends, to really grow this business,” said Bartlett.

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