Polo Club Developer Hosts Open House

July 13, 2018
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Polo Club is a proposed mixed-housing residential development for the polo fields off of 119th Street.

The initial plan for a 723-residence development with single family homes, townhomes, and apartments first came to the Planning and Zoning Commission on June 20, where it was met with a significant level of concern from neighboring residents.

“We were concerned with the traffic that’s going to be added. The density of the development, with over 700 residences it’s kind of ridiculous, and just the safety in general with the traffic people coming and going,” said Beth Quint, a resident of the Wolf Creek/Sterling Estates subdivision.

At the Planning and Zoning meeting on June 20, the commission extended Polo Club’s public hearing to give developer DR Horton a chance to revise their plans and meet with residents, which is what the open house at the 95th Street Library was for.

And the open house was a full house, with several dozen residents coming out to meet with the developer, express their concerns, and learn about changes to the proposal.

Those include more parking spaces, the implementation of a 30 to 45 foot landscape buffer between Polo Club and South Pointe subdivision, and a reduction of residences from 723 to 702. But for some residents, that wasn’t enough.

“They only went from 309 apartment homes to 290, and 95 single family to 93,” said South Pointe resident Jeff Dycus. “To me, that’s negligible.”

There is a change.org petition requesting that Naperville City Council say no to the proposed subdivision. At time of this report, it has over 1,800 signatures.

“I don’t possibly how you can go from the zoning of half a million dollar homes to 200K homes and apartments without giving much thought to the essentials.”

Though DR Horton declined to comment on camera, they are still working with city staff on the project. The revised proposal will go to the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on July 18.

Discussion on the subdivision is expected to continue at the next Planning and Zoning Meeting.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.