Possible Start Time Change in 203

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At the most recent District 203 Board of Education meeting, staff made recommendations regarding changing high school start times.

The principals of both Naperville North and Central addressed the board, requesting a late-start day once a week beginning in the coming school year.

However, this proposed change is primarily spurred by the desire for more teacher collaboration, not just student health.

“We believe that once per week, one hour each Wednesday morning dedicated time for our teachers to bring data and instructional strategies to the table will support increased growth and achievement in our students,” said Principal of Naperville North High School, Stephanie Posey. “Currently our teachers are striving to use the time allotted as effectively as possible, but outside of the once per month dedicated teaming time, our staff find it difficult to team effectively about their students work.”

Currently, high schoolers have one late-start Wednesday a month. If approved, this change would make every Wednesday a late-start day, giving teachers one hour a week to collaborate and work together before the school day begins.

“Classroom teacher collaboration is a key factor in the rate of student growth per year. We believe that the deliberate and focused use of collaboration time will pay dividends for our students over time,” said Posey.

The board is expected to vote on this at their March 6 meeting.

The board also approved a tentative calendar for the 2018-2019 school year.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.