Proposed Polo Club Subdivision Draws Criticism

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Developer DR Horton came forward with a proposal to annex the unincorporated location at 119th Street where the polo fields sit, and to build the Polo Club subdivision.

Polo Club is proposed to be a mixed-housing development with 95 single-family homes, 319 multifamily units – townhomes and triplexes, and 309 apartment homes across 15 buildings.

The plan totals over 700 residences for the project.

“The requested rezoning upon annexation permits the proposed housing mix and is generally consistent with the city’s housing documents which promote a mix of housing types to meet various needs of south Naperville residents,” said Casey Evans from Naperville’s Planning Services Team.

But neighboring residents came out in force, with 26 public speakers on the topic.

Chief concerns included the high density of the project, the impact it could have on Plainfield School District 202, and how it would affect already congested traffic in the area.

“South Point is landlocked. The only way to get out is Champion and 59,” said neighboring resident Lisa Paradise. “Trying to turn there right now, it’s always backed up. I waited today and between 111th and 119th, you wait and wait.”

To help alleviate traffic concerns, the development includes an expansion of 119th Street to three lanes and an expansion of Book Road.

But residents are concerned the Book Road expansion doesn’t go far enough, and that it could create cut-through traffic.

“I’m concerned that it will stop at Wild Timothy,” said neighboring resident Thomas Sellers. “I have major concerns with traffic flow that will come into High Meadow. It’s prudent to push it all the way to Hassert.”

The plan commission commended the developer for including significant green space and various types of housing in their development, but extended the public hearing and encouraged them to meet with residents and District 202 to alleviate concerns.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.