Randy Hultgren Hosts Several Town Halls in One Week

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Illinois’ 14th Congressional District is a big one, stretching from the southern reaches of Kendall County, grabbing a bit of south Naperville, and reaching all the way up to the northern border of Illinois.

Which means there was a lot of land for U.S. Representative Randy Hultgren to cover as he hosted six in-person town halls in one week.

“It was something that we really wanted, just another way for us to hear from our constituents, hear their questions and be able to respond,” said Hultgren.

Constituents had to sign up online to attend a town hall, and once there, they could write questions on notecards, which were then presented by a moderator to Representative Hultgren.

“I think it was to be able to get through as many questions as possible,” explained Hultgren. “I find things myself when I write things down I can be a little more clear in my thoughts. Sometimes it’s a little difficult when you’re getting a microphone and getting up and we just wanted to be able to get through as many questions as we can in a relatively short period of time.”

Questions covered a wide variety of topics, from healthcare and immigration to tax cuts and tariffs.

Attendees couldn’t ask follow-up questions during the town hall, but Hultgren and his staff stayed around to chat with constituents one-on-one.

Hultgren capped it off with an electronic town hall, for a total of seven this week.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.