Self-Serve Beer and Wine Kiosk Coming to Fox Valley Mall

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Self-Serve Kiosks at Fox Valley

This evening, Aurora City Council approved a resolution to allow a new Tapville Social store, that hopes to open at Fox Valley Mall later this month, to serve beer and wine through a self-serve kiosk. Customers will also be able to walk around the mall with their purchased drink.

According to the city’s alcoholic liquor ordinance, “licensees with a strolling endorsement are required to actively and passively monitor customer operated dispenser pours and the consumption of customer operated dispenser poured alcohol and licensee must provide and maintain one BASSET certified employee to serve as an attendant monitoring the customer operated dispensing devices and guard against over service and underage service, as well any other applicable regulations.”

photo courtesy: Tapville Social

“It really couldn’t have been done without the consideration and support of the City of Aurora,” said Scott Samson, Fox Valley Mall senior manager. “It was last year that the City of Aurora created and approved a special liquor license that allowed some limited consumption in what were considered common areas. Tapville Social at Fox Valley will be the first allowed to use that [license].”

Tapville Social will also have to follow a number of other rules under the special liquor license. “We have to keep in mind at the mall, it’s a family environment. They want people to have a good time, but they also want to make sure there’s some kind of control there,” said Edwin Goitia, owner of Tapville Social at Fox Valley Mall. “So there’s a 32 oz. limit per person.”

How Does it Work?

Customers need to check in with an attendee to get their ID checked. From there, a debit or credit card is swiped to open a tab.

photo courtesy: Tapville Social

Customers then receive a Tapville card linked to their debit or credit card, which they return before leaving the mall. The kiosk will not allow people to pour more than 32 oz. If someone tries to, there will be a message asking them to check with the attendee.

Since people are able to pour their 8 oz. drink and walk around the mall with it in hand, there’s also some rules for that. Anyone with a drink will be wearing a bracelet, no one can have more than one cup in hand at one time, and Tapville will be working closely with mall security.

“We’re not talking beer bashes, it’s a $8 or $9 craft beer or quality glass of wine. Most people will purchase two [cups] as they relax in that Center Park area,” said Samson. “We’re certainly confident that we can control any issues that folks may be concerned about.” Samson also said each store can decide whether they will allow the drinks in, similar to when they ask for ‘no food or beverage’ in the store.

Tapville Social will open at Center Park where the old Francesca’s store was located. They will offer eight taps at the self-serve kiosk including four locally crafted beers with one cider option, two white wines, and two red wines.

photo courtesy: Tapville Social

Bringing Something New to the Mall

Goitia hopes to also host special events and beer classes at the new location. “We’re really trying to make it much more than just a place to drink beer,” said Goitia. “We want it to be a place for people to come and have a great time and have a great experience at the mall.”

Samson is excited to bring something new to people at the mall.

“I’m excited that we’re able to once again show our shoppers who have been so great, so loyal to the shopping center not only through COVID-19 but through the transition of our industry, we’re able to come through and show that we’re recreating the shopping center experience to include more non-traditional uses with more to come and Tapville certainly enhances this park experience that we built and shows that Fox Valley is going forward,” said Samson.

Goitia said they hope to open Tapville Social at Fox Valley Mall around March 20.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.

photo courtesy: Tapville Social – Fox Valley