Sheep Sunday at Naper Settlement

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It was a wooly fun time yesterday at Naper Settlement’s Sheep Sunday.

John Seraphine of Heatherhope Farm led sheepherding demonstrations in the animal themed afternoon, with the help of his border collies, explaining how the dog’s instincts will know how to herd.

“Sometimes we feel like people would maybe enjoy their dogs a little more if they knew some of the backgrounds of what the dogs do, but also how to interact with a dog,” explained Seraphine. “Things like being consistent with a dog, being fair with a dog, understanding a little bit about how to put more pressure on a dog as it moves along but less pressure on it when it’s learning new things.”

And to add to the shearing entertainment, the DuPage Children’s Museum and Naperville Public Library teamed up with the settlement to sponsor Naperville Plays! which brought hands-on activities and animal crafts for kids to enjoy.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.