Solar Eclipse Safety

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We’ve always been told not to stare directly at the sun – and that remains true during all stages of an eclipse except for totality – when the moon is completely covering the sun.

Totality isn’t happening in Naperville, only 87 percent of the sun will be covered here – and that means looking at it will damage your vision.

“If you’re looking at the sun for any, even short period of time, you get what’s called a solar burn inside the eye,” said Dr. Adam Black, Owner of Couture Vision. “So that burns the retinal tissue so it is a permanent blind spot right in the center of your vision.”

To avoid damaging your eyes, make sure you use ISO 12312-2 certified solar viewers. They contain a strong filter that blocks all of the harmful rays from the sun.

They might be found in a handful of retailers in Naperville, but buyer beware of online shopping – people have been getting counterfeit shades from big online stores. The American Astronomical Association has compiled a list of reputable vendors to help combat this.

If you can’t get your hands on a pair of eclipse shades, you can still see an eclipse through pinhole viewing. If you punch a hole in a piece of paper, the light that shines through will mimic the sun’s shape.

Another tip: if your solar shades are torn, scratched, or punctured, they aren’t safe and should be thrown away.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.