Sound Wave Art at the Library

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The 95th Street Library hosted a crash course in how to create sound wave art.

Library employees walked the students step-by-step through creating their own digital crafts.

“I think it’s important to incorporate some of the technology things we have in the library – all these fun things that you can do with the stuff that we offer,” said Becky Powers, adult services associate for the 95th Street Library.

Participants used the library’s sound recording studio to create the base for their art. Some chose their favorite song while others used the class to make a card for Mother’s Day.

From there, the digital artists used Photoshop to decorate their sound waves however they wanted.

“It sounded cool,” said 12-year-old Bride Strowe about the class. “I didn’t actually know what it was until I Googled it which was after I signed up for it, but I really liked it.”

The program is one of the first at the library designed to promote the “tech buffet” the facility has to offer. That includes the sound recording studio, a green screen room, and computers pre-loaded with different software.

“This was really fun for me because not only did we get to use the technology portion, but they got to create something as well,” said Powers.

Art that really speaks, or sings, to you.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.