Sparrow Coffee Open in Naperville

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This weekend Sparrow Coffee Roastery held its invitation-only opening party at its new location on Water Street in downtown Naperville.

This is the first cafe for the popular Chicago roastery. Sparrow Coffee usually distributes its custom-made blends to restaurants.

Along with toast and waffles, they will also be offering pastries from DeEtta’s Bakery.

Sparrow Coffee proprietor Chris Chacko says there is one main thing that sets his store apart from others.

“Craft, really craft,” Chacko said. “Everything is honed in. Everything is very precise, and if it’s not we work at making it precise. Top end coffee, the best that money can buy. Every single thing is meticulously cupped and processed all the way to the very end game.”

The cafe is now open to the public.

Naperville News 17’s Beth Bria reports.