STEMCON inspires minds at the College of DuPage

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On Saturday, April 27, STEMCON returned to the College of DuPage for its ninth annual event.  People of all ages got to take part in hands-on exhibits, in-person workshops, and so much more for a thrilling day of science.   

“We’ve converted our physical education center here at the College of Education to essentially a STEM wonderland,” said College of DuPage President Brian Caputo.  “We have 40,000 square feet that’s been converted into 50 booths, and they are showcasing various areas of STEM We’ve got five departments of the college that are exhibiting as well as outside entities like Fermilab, Argonne Laboratories, DuPage Children’s Museum, the DuPage Forest Preserve, Nicor, and the list goes on and on.”

Naperville North Robotics Team

The event featured several science exhibits, from watching the Naperville North robotics team create the latest mechanical ideas, to seeing movie characters come to life like R2-D2. 

“We have booths that really span the full gambit of STEM, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics,” said Caputo.  “Just about anything you can think of in those areas is going to be on display.”

Family fun at College of DuPage

For many, it was a great opportunity to enjoy the day as a family and watch their kids enjoy the festivities each booth had to offer.  

“We got to work with robotics, and we made this little thing here with circuits and stuff. It was wired, and it lit up in the LEDs,” said Madison Campbell with Nicholas and Beatrice Roman.  

 “It’s a wonderful way to bring the family and get them involved in some science activities, so it seems like there’s been a little bit of something for everyone here,”  said John Murphy with his son Liam

A day of science to light up possible futures for those in attendance.  

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