Students Create Emergency Window Covers

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In a school lockdown situation, protocol says the first step is to alert others of a threat, then lock down classrooms and cover windows.

But at Washington Junior High, that second step didn’t always include covering every window. So principal Mike Frost asked for some help.

“With all the school things happening, when it came to a lockdown different teachers had different things and some had nothing. And he really wanted consistency and wanted something to be in place that would be quick and easy,” explained Erin Owen, a family and consumer science teacher.

After gathering some wildcat fabric, Mrs. Owen sought out students interested in assisting her.

“We would cut the fabric according to the measurements of the windows on the doors,” explained eighth grader Sophia Ruiz Cordero. “Then we would sew Velcro on it, and then we would attach Velcro to the windows or the frames of the windows, and then we would put it there.”

The group met every lunch period for a month to sew together the emergency window coverings.

It was an extra activity every one was proud to be apart of.

“Personally it made me feel really accomplished, because I’ve never really sewed before so it was really nice to do. But it also made me feel like I was helping out with this. Because I don’t know how to make a difference when there are [school] shootings going on, but this made me feel like I made a difference,” said eighth grader Allie Krolick.

Over 40 coverings were made in total, and now the group looks forward to other opportunities to help keep their school safe.

All students who helped make the window covers were recognized as mission makers at the most recent District 203 board meeting, for volunteering their time and contributing to the school community.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.