The Drone Zone in Brush Hill Park

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Drones, get ready for lift off!

The Naperville Park District is adding a designated area for drone users in the western part of Brush Hill Park.

The drone zone is a 300×175 foot area that is pushed 50 feet in from Ogden Avenue to the west.

This is the only area where drones are allowed to operate in any of Naperville’s parks and park district staff said they have been trying to create a drone-friendly space.

“We get several calls from people that own and are licensed and have an operator’s license with the FAA and they’re asking us if we do have an area, and up until now, we have not had one,” said Park District Director of Parks Kevin Finnegan.

Proper FAA certification is required to fly in the drone area, which will be marked by four corner posts. The park district will be reaching out to residents in the area to notify them of the coming drone area, which is scheduled to open October 1.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.