The Picklr opens its first Illinois indoor pickleball facility in Naperville

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A new indoor pickleball facility, The Picklr, opened its doors in Naperville. This is the first Illinois location and eighth overall, joining States like Colorado and Utah as the pickleball craze continues to sweep the nation.

“Picklr is the top premier indoor pickleball facility. It’s strictly indoor pickleball, and it has the top of a top-of-the-line facility in every way. What you see in the background is what you see, it’s the top of the line,” said Picklr co-founder Kim Nicewonder. 

The Picklr opens up a new facility

The Chicagoland area has been a hotbed for pickleball, and the city of Naperville is no exception. Naperville now has fourteen open court locations, including the brand-new Picklr and Sure Shot Pickleball, which opened its doors this past fall.

“We wanted to branch out, we’re all over the United States, and we’re going internationally. We had to hit Naperville, it’s the upcoming leading city in Illinois, so we wanted to make sure that we were able to open up in a really hot spot so we feel like Naperville is the one,” said Nicewonder. 

“Pickleball is the nation’s fastest-growing sport, probably the world’s fastest-growing sport. And to see so many people out here playing pickleball, meeting new people, having fun, exercising is just something really, really good to see,” said Professional pickleball player Tyler Loong. 

Located on 740 Illinois Rte. 59, the grand opening featured a DJ, a food truck, and pickleball games. The courts were open to anyone interested in the game, and some new players even received lessons. In addition to the nine indoor courts, The Picklr also offers a dink court, league play, tournaments, clinics, and a private event area.

Building the new facility took a year, but everyone with the Pickr was excited to serve and partner with a new community. 

“We’ve been at it a while. This didn’t happen overnight; it took us a bit, but we’re thrilled to have been a part of it and are thrilled that it’s here today. This may not be the only one here who knows what’s to come, this is a beautiful community. Now we’re opening units in Mundelein and Villa Park this summer, so we will be in the Chicago greater area,” said The Picklr co-founder Jay Sartori. 

Pickleball pro shows his skills on site

Professional Pickle Player Tyler Loong attended the grand opening, playing pickleball for the participants in attendance. Loong has visited every new opening, including the ones in his home state of Utah, and is excited about the Naperville location. 

“All these people want to get in games. Every time you go to a pickleball court, everyone is going to ask to play pickleball. The popular phrase is one more game, one more point. And so, yeah, the community is incredible in pickleball,” said Loong. 

The sport is on the rise

With day one in the books, there will be plenty of pickleball courts and matches available around the area, and opportunities will continue to grow, with new locations opening up in Mundelein and Villa Park this summer. As more facilities keep popping up around the country, pickleball is set for a bright future.

“Pickleball is a beautiful sport, and it’s growing exponentially. Places like this are very needed, so we’re thrilled to bring those and communities together, not only in Naperville but all over the country and internationally. We’re looking at expanding our footprint and the Pickler footprint worldwide,” said Sartori. 

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