Tour de Naperville Takes Place With New Location

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“We are at Wolf’s Crossing Community Park. We are doing the Tour de Naperville event right now, it’s for the youth,” said Erin Stapleton, intern with the Naperville Park District.

New Location

The event returned for its seventh year, with one different aspect: the location.

“This is the new location that we’re at this year. So usually, this event takes place at Commissioner’s Park. But since this is a new facility and a new park with a lot of new, different things, as you could see, we came out here because we wanted to show the community what this park is and what they can do here,” said Stapleton.

The Age Groups

“So, there’s three different age groups. We just started off with our little kids. Our little kids had full capacity today, so it was 60 participants that were riding their bikes. As you could see, they were literally everywhere. Some kids already finished the tour, so that’s kind of cool. And then we have a little bit older kids and then we have our oldest kids that are doing it last,” said Stapleton.

The mile long course is good exercise for kids and a good chance to spend time with those closest to them.

“Each year it’s fun for the kids to ride their bikes around the park with their friends, their family, and stuff like that. This is a fun, leisure recreation event that little kids and kids like to come out to do,” said Stapleton.

Naperville News 17’s Anthony Yench reports.

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